Saint Étienne
La Ville de Saint Étienne Spécial
—  Posilliponian Special City  —
Saint Étienne Special City
Flag of Saint Étienne.png
Saint Étienne Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms
Location of Saint Étienne.png
Location of Saint Étienne, and the Saint Étienne Administrative Department.
Country Flag of Posillipo The Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo
County Flag of Saint Étienne Saint Étienne Admin. Department
Founded 1243
Incorporated 1764
Special City 1945
Founder Saint Étienne

Saint Étienne, officially the Saint Etienne Special City, is the second largest city in the Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo, after Athanos, with a population of 1,540,504 inside of its city limits, and 3,403,432 through out it's administrative divisions.

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