International Assembly
International assembly logo.png
Abbreviation I.A.
Motto Peace. Trust. Communication.
Formation February 2011
Type Principal Organ
Legal status Active
Headquarters Flag of New Chandler New Chandler City, New Chandler
Location Adonia
Membership 8 Full Members
3 Ambassadorial
6 Observatory Members
Official languages Trentannian
First Minister
Jon Clark
Charles Brown
K. Smith
Main organ General Assembly
Parent organization The United Sovereign Nations of the World

The International Assembly (IA) is one of the three principal organs of the United Sovereign Nations of the World, and the only one in which all member nations are represented equally. It's purpose is to pass laws for the USNW concerning budget and to handle international affairs, internal affairs, and to elect new leaders of the union.

The Assembly meets under it's Chancellor in yearly sessions, normally lasting from February to Late Novermber.

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